Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Last Post on this Blog...

Today is the one year anniversary of “Gotcha Day.” The above picture in the red coat was taken before we ever arrived in China. This is what JT looked like in the orphanage. The next picture is of J.T. and his friend Laila from China on the day of his baptism. See how grown up even hjis little face is! We will be celebrating this evening with Chinese food, ice cream and maybe a small gift. It will be a celebration of family. JT is a full fledged part of our family, he’s no longer “new,” so we will be blogging about him as well as the rest of the family on whatarethereedsupto.blogspot.com from now on. I try to blog once a month on there already. The picture of Devin & JT on the bed was taken just minutes after we recieved JT in China. It was the first "still" picture we took of him...
How far JT has come from the shy, frightened little boy that they led down the hotel hallway in Zhengzhou, exactly a year ago today. He didn’t understand, couldn’t communicate and was given to us, the giant weirdo Americans. We were so excited that day and I have to say it has exceeded our very highest expectations. He has proved to be strong and resilient, brighter than we had even hoped and incredibly well behaved. He just loves to have fun and giggle and play. He still loves school and I almost can’t remember what life was like without “T” as I call him. He can express not only his needs, but he can tell us what happened at school and how he feels about things. He tells me about his dreams and asks me questions about things constantly. (which I could do without while I’m trying to drive. J I love that he is so thirsty for knowledge. It’s so fun!

J.T. was well prepared for his first Easter and did great at finding eggs. He loved it.
On April 18th J.T. was baptized into our faith. We had him baptized by a signing pastor that came down from Holy Cross in Thornton Colorado. He does a service down here for the deaf once a month with a potluck following which doubled as a reception. JT really enjoyed it all.
Our anniversary and Devins birthday came and went and as with everything else, JT took it in stride and although he is not allowed to watch movies every single day anymore he is getting along much better with his brother and has started advocating for himself by asking “What are you talking about?” or “What is he saying?” if we forget to sign. He is doing so well in school that the teacher wants to try moving him up a grade for math class. I am looking forward to our second summer with JT. He was the perfect addition to our family and makes us all feel complete. Becoming J.T.s mother is definitely in the top 5 best things that have ever happened to me in my life. Thank you God! ....please follow our "family" blogsite whatarethereedsupto.blogspot.com to continue to see updates on all of us and thanks for sharing in our adoption story!