Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick Update

JT learned how to tie his shoes today! He got new shoes and therefore it was time to learn to tie. He did a great job... takes him a while, but heck, he's a fast learner.

He is also reading simple sentences that I am writing with his sight words.

We are doing lots of talking about things these days. He will be baptized on April 18th and we talk about that kind of stuff a lot. He also talks about what he does at school and what he sees. We went to the library for the first time this week. He had been to his school library, but was very excited to go to the public libraray. It was a lot of fun. He likes to look at books.

He also figured out (on his own) how to blow a party favor with his nose. He made a leprachaun hat at school for St. Patricks Day and they read stories about leprachauns and made and ate green pudding.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Doing Phenomenally well!

J.T. is involved in the Shared Reading Program and is enjoying that... his SRP representative is also his godmother. We will be having J.T. baptised on April 18th (barring bad weather... signing priest will come down from Thornton.) I have explained "baptism" to him in the literal sense... meaning that the priest will be pouring water on his head. I think that he believes I am completely insane. He and I pray together and He was so cute the other day... I asked him what he would like to pray for (I help him with the words) and he picks any 3 thingts that he would like. First he chose to pray that Mom would let him play the Wii (which is more hysterical than I can tell you.) So we did, then he prayed that his friends birthday party would be fun. I asked him for one more thing and he rubbed his imaginary goatee (as he does to let me know he's thinking) and when I prompted him with "Would you like to say 'thank you' for something?" He responded, "family." I guess that says it all. He can read about 60 sight words, he can count to one hundred on his own, and he has known his ABCs since last October. He is getting invited to birthday parties by kids from his school who aren't even in his class and got to go roller skating for the first time last Sunday. He enjoyed it, but it was hard for him. He also attended a wrestling tournament and saw a friend wrestle this past weekend. After the tournament we went to dinner with 2 other families and a total of 4 deaf boys. It has been great fun developing his life experiences and in turn... his language. We are all looking forward to warmer weather so we can get outside more. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Daddys 37th birthday by going out for Indian food (which JT) didn't seem to mind seeing as they had rice) and then to see Avatar in 3D. He enjoyed the movie and was very excited to be celebrating a birthday with his Dad. We also enjoyed a visit from one of the other families that we met in China. JT remembered them and we all had chinese food and visited and played. As you will see in the pictures, JT learned how to walk and lay 'round on on the ceiling. Watching his relationship with Michael you would think that his Dad had never left. He has a great time playing with his brother and looking forward to these family events. He enjoyed Valentines Day a great deal, and I can hardly wait for the fun we'll have on his first Easter coming up in a few weeks.