Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Happy Holidays one and all! I thought that I had updated this blog after Thanksgiving... but apparently I was wrong again. The day before Thanksgiving J.T. recieved his hearing aids. He can hear quite a bit of lower tones with them, but he doesn't know how to respond to sound so it's not doing us much good yet. We are working on getting him to turn and look when he hears something. Our holiday was lovely spent with friends. A friend of our family flew out for the holiday weekend and we spent Thanksgiving at my best friends house with her friends and family. JT found it to be fun and although we missed Michael deeply, we were rejoicing in the fact that we knew he would be home soon. ....AND HE WAS!

Michael arrived in Colorado Springs on December 2nd and we are having a smooth transition. J.T. is getting to know him and although he is not totally comfortable with his Dad yet, he is happy spending time with him. He just doesn't know what to expect from Michael yet. Michael is really enjoying J.T. and he makes Michael smile as much as he does the rest of us.

On December 3rd J.T. was in the school program and danced with his classmates to "Singing in the Rain." It was absolutely precious and we enjoyed the whole show. At Deaf Chat... the Santa at the mall walked up to J.T. and SIGNED "Merry Christmas, I love you." Of course I had to have pictures so J.T. and Devin sat on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas. J.T. is very excited about Christmas. He did a great job of helping to decorate the tree.

One weekend recently we spent visiting with J.T.s Auntie and Cousin whom he adores. My nephew is great with kids and JT even asks for him when he's not been around for a while.

Here is a picture of JTs first snowman he made....

We have moved (sadly from Holy Apostles parish) to St. Marys Cathedral downtown. They not only have a weekly interpreted mass, but there are several deaf parishoners which of course makes J.T. not so isolated in his church family. We have chosen a god mother for him and are looking into his baptism soon
Christmas and new year were a blast. JT finally understands gifts and really enjoyed his and all the sweets and time spent messing around. We bought ourselves a Wii and he really likes playing with that all together as a family. His favorite is the sword fighting and he screams out loud while he is kicking butt. lol. It's his new favorite thing to do. (He is still a movie fanatic though.)

J.T.s new year started off well. He is excited to start back to school. He stayed up all night and watched the ball drop and blew his horn (which he blows more like a Kazoo with voice added.) He probably doesn't understand "new year" but he enjoyed the party just the same.