Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adjusting well and learning tons!

JT has learned so much since he started school, he almost knows the whole alphabet and can count to ten. He writes his first and last name and sight reads all the other students' names as well. He has adjusted well enough to know that he can protest the serving (and buying) of milk by trying to keep me out of the milk cooler at the grocery store. He puts catsup on his peas and soy sauce on his corn (ew.) He is learning abstract concepts such as "pretty" and today he signed "please" without being prompted appropriately. His teacher is blown away by how quickly he learns. His signing has a long way to go, but he can tell me what he did at school most days and he understands that Halloween is about dressing up (in his case as a power ranger.) He knows Daddy will come home in a couple more months and that Christmas is coming and he has learned who Santa is and has expressed a desire to go and see the man. He has seen his first snow since coming here and stood at the glass door signing snow and screaming with glee. He has grown well over an inch and is out of all the clothes I bought him when I brought him home. His hair got long enough that he was geling and blowdrying it trying to give himself a faux-hawk. (We got his hair cut.) He is able to talk about seeing the leaves change color because it is Fall. He also gets excited about things like my putting an old pair of SpongeBob sheets on his bed, or his first pair of "footie pajamas." He flexes his muscles for me often, lol. He is adjusting well enough that he is becoming more of a "normal" child... makes ya want to sit on him sometimes... but then he does stuff like this:
He is so definitely one of us. Everyone who meets him just loves him and we couldn't feel more blessed. I can hardly wait for his Daddy to come home and get to know him! He's a hoot and a half! WE LOVE JT!