Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Firsts!!!

I apologize for all the time that has passed since my last post. It's been so busy the last month. J.T. experienced his first day of school and his first camping trip since I last posted! School is going wonderful for him. The day before school started he got to go to his school and register which included seeing his teacher and classroom. The first day was Aug. 17th and he was so excited to go. He had never been to school before and loves to learn and to focus on school work, and try to please those teaching him. He was apprehensive when the bus came to get him, but I sent him off with a smile and at the end of the day he was already trying to tell me a story in sign language... he makes a lot of it up by drawing pictures in the air and it's hard to understand... but his teacher is wonderful and has informed me that he is "a sponge," "loves to learn," and can sight read the names of the other children in his class already. He has 5 other children in his class. He was very excited the second week of school when he got to paint for the first time. He attends a special school for deaf children.

This (Labor Day) weekend he went on his first camping trip. We took the trailer and my best friend and her children and went to Eleven Mile Reservoir for the weekend. JT got to kayak in a tandem with me and did a great job. He had so much fun doing that. We also hopped the fence into the Rocky Mountain National Forest and shot some arrows at Daddys target bag. JT has a hard time with the bow... but he tried and enjoyed being able to have a couple turns. He made a "J" and a "T" and brought it to show me while we were waiting our turns.

I'm also posting a couple pictures from "around the house" to include J.T. sharing Mr. Winstons bed with him and some silly pictures we took just for fun with "the good camera."