Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer is almost over...

We are planning a camping trip for Labor Day weekend with some friends and are praying that the weather is agreeable!

Other things J.T. has experienced this summer is visiting Garden of the Gods (above) and seeing the big rock formations... it is only a few miles from our house and we go fairly often when the weather is good.

We have also been to the zoo twice (we are members... gotta make it worth it!) Above: Emma (JTs sister,) a macaque and Emmas cousin, and (right:) JT. with a sleepy orangutan.

J.T. has started to learn to ride his bike. He is very slow on it as he has gone downhill and although he nodded that he understood the braking system.... he apparently didn't and after throwing his feet off the pedals several times going WAY too fast downhill he ended up feet over head in the bushes a couple times. I finally tied his shoes to the pedals and he is doing better. He still has training wheels, but it is fairly frustrating for us because he is so slow that if we were to travel at the same speed he does ~ we would fall over. So that is something we will continue to work on.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turning SEVEN!

On Sunday, J.T. turned 7 years old and we had a party for him as both a welcome home and a birthday. We prepared him by talking about it and he went shopping with me for most of the supplies. He was very excited! He did very well at the party and played with the children.... he seemed to really enjoy running around with our friend Derek. He didn't understand the birthday song but stood their waiting just the same. We did the re-lighting candles... which I won't ever do again because about 10 kids wanted to help him blow them out when they re-lit which meant there were 10 children "blowing" on the cake.... good thing I had cupcakes in a box still, for the germ-a-phobes. lol. When it was time to open presents J.T. didn't know what to do. He sat there with the first gift on his lap and we were finally able to explain to him how to open it. He told me he liked the party and he had TONS of fun playing with all the generous gifts. He drove the cat and dogs nuts with the remote control car and giggled uncontrollably. He sleeps with the big plastic Ultraman that his father and I got from China. Speaking of his father... Michael was able to join us for a short time on Skype and enjoyed being able to see everyone until the storm knocked the power out. I hope everyone who attended had a good time... J.T. did and although I didn't take many "still" pictures (I really have to work on that) I did take a few plus some video.

Friday, July 10, 2009

super busy!

JT has lost the other 3 teeth since my last blog, (photo below from today.) He is still doing well and has learned all of his colors (still struggling with pink a bit) and is still doing exceptionally well. I am so looking forward to school at this point because I know that I will see him blossom. He has attended get togethers FULL of deaf adults already and it's facinating to watch him watch them. You can almost see him learning about ASL facial expressions and although he is still incredibly shy, he seems much happier even when we are some where with lots of people.

He has met one set of his grandparents and really liked having lunch with them. (Thanks again guys!)

He enjoys playing with other kids and is pretty comfortable meeting new children. He loves spaghetti. (naturally... it's noodles.) One night he ate and ate until he finally threw-up a little. He came out of the bathroom, sat back down at the table, and with a smile... informed me that he was full. I laughed out loud and told him that I thought he was absolutely right. The next time we had spaghetti he had seconds... but wasn't nearly as overlyenthusiastic as he had been the first time around.

I'll try to blog again soon and not wait so long. We have been busy with court validation paperwork, social security paperwork etc, school registration paperwork and staying busy in general. he is a sweet boy who tries to make the right choices, he enjoys learning and loves to dress up as super heros, watch movies with his brother or have water fights in the backyard. His laughter can be heard from anywhere in the house and we cherish every moment of it. We are so blessed to have him in our family... I can hardly wait til "the dad" comes home and can enjoy him with us. (please keep michael in your prayers.)