Thursday, June 18, 2009

JT lost a tooth. :)

Not much is new. JT is getting to know at least 2 of his Aunties and cousins. Today he lost a tooth. He had 4 loose teeth and finally it got loose enough that I told him to pull it out and so he did. I hope the tooth fairy comes tonight. :) His smile is still beautiful!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I've learned about who JT is...

JT likes the color red, turtles, ice cream, noodles, pizza, Kung Fu, bubbles, balloons, cars, Spiderman, Optimus Prime, Spongebob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turutles and Ultraman. He also enjoys Tom & Jerry and The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote (all action... no dialogue.) He watches Power Rangers and likes to look at books with lots of pictures. He is a back-seat driver and thinks I should drive more like they do in China. It seems he doesn't know that he is deaf. He is fun loving and playful. Although he is VERY shy in public with strangers... once you have played with him, and he gets comfortable with you, you realize that he is not a helpless, frightened little thing. He is incredibly strong. He is also bright and tries to understand, & he is learning faster than we expected. JTs favorite game is probably Hide & Seek... but remember when playing this with a deaf child you HAVE to find them. They can't hear you when you call them to come out of their hiding place... God help you if they fall asleep. Although on the other hand, they are not very stealthy... they forget we can hear them. He likes to win... and in his world he always does. This week he went to his first baseball game (Go SkySox!) and seemed pretty bored, but loved the hotdogs & ice cream. (The food topic is a learning experience everyday.) He likes hotdogs, soup and pizza. He also went to the zoo and loved it. He rode the carousel and a pony for the first time... so much fun! Had his first "Slurpee" too. He plays dress-up with the collection of costume Devin has acrued... that's a riot. Today he had on a Davy Crocket cap with the zoro costume. lol. Devin and he are starting to play much better together as well. JT has been our child for a month as of yesterday and it has been a glorious month. He is going to start meeting his extended family tomorrow and we're planning his birthday party for next month. I hope everyone reading this recieved the announcements in the mail. I'll continue to post if people are still interested. :) Please remember to keep Michael in your prayers... it's been hard for him to be missing all of this. He is an amazing father as you all know and it's an incredible sacrifice he is making. It hurts him everyday so please remember him in your prayers. Thanks, Love you all!