Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Friends in Need

Please remember J.T. He was abandoned at age 2 and has been in an institution for 4 years. J.T. is profoundly deaf and has been taught NO mode of communication. He cannot speak, read, or write and as been taught no sign language at all, he has no way to express himself. We are desperate for help. We have both been laid off from our jobs after being in the adoption process for a year. My husband has moved to Iraq to help earn the money to bring J.T. home. We know that since God has called us to this purpose, he will make a way, and we don't know what his plan is, but we are hoping that he will open the hearts of all who see this and that they might send a small donation to help with the $10,000.00 we still need to raise for our trip to China and the fees to adopt J.T. when we are there. Our paperwork is finished and we are expected to have the money and travel between Feb & April 2009... within 4 months. If you have a compassionate heart and are willing to share a miracle, you could send a check or money order made out to J.T.s Adoption Fund and sent to:

J.T.s Adoption
P.O. Box 62782
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Please, if you can even send $5.00 (the cost of a fast food value meal or even what you would spend on a cup of coffee) I will be absolutely thrilled... every donation is an absolute blessing. Thank you and praise God.